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Robin Aronow conducts this overview workshop in which she discusses Manhattan and Citywide Public School options and admission processes.

Webinar or in-person in the summer/fall.

Workshop topics include:

  • Getting Started; Valuable Resources
  • Admission Facts and Application Procedures
  • Timelines
  • What to Look For When Touring
  • Factors to Consider in Your Decision: Standardized Testing, Progress Reports, Community Satisfaction
  • Public vs Private
  • Gifted vs General Education
  • A Myriad of Options
    • Zoned Schools in Districts 2-6 and Overcrowding
    • Lottery Schools in District 1
    • Non-Zoned Schools of Choice
    • Dual Language Programs
    • Charter Schools
    • Gifted and Talented
      • Hunter College Elementary School
      • Special Music School
      • Citywide Gifted and Talented Programs: Anderson, NEST+M, TAG, 30th Avenue, STEM, BIS
      • District Gifted and Talented Programs
      • Stanford-Binet and DOE Gifted and Talented Criteria
    • Special Education

For more information, or if you are unable to attend these workshops or wish to sponsor ones at your school, business or home, please contact Robin Aronow at: or 212-316-0186.